Monday Brew Series


If you are like me, you enjoy a cup of coffee when you wake up in the morning. Whether it’s a latte, coffee or espresso it is all intended to do the same- Wake You Up! Some like it hot, some like it cold, some black, some even bold (I just rhymed)! Either way, I’ve been scouting out the best coffee shops to check out for your morning dose, afternoon pick-me-up, OR if you are like my Italian family, after every meal.

Welcome to a weekly series, Monday Brew. This weekly series will appear on Mondays, so sit back relax and check out a new coffee spot each week! I wanted to begin with Coffee Tossy. Coffee Tossy is located on Greenpoint Ave. between 42nd and 43rd street. It is in the midst of a bustling little part of the neighborhood with a park right across the street. You can choose to stay or take out your order. Either way you will be satisfied!

When walking into Coffee Tossy one of the first things that you will notice is the interior design. There are wooden tables, and photographs on the walls which transport you to the essential part of of any good brew, the beans (you can even buy those-more on that later). As you walk towards the counter to place your order you see various coffee machinery- like the Faema E61. Check out this video if you want to know more about this game changing machine if you are a espresso lover.

So let’s say that you aren’t a huge coffee fan. Coffee Tossy offers much more than that. If you continue down to the cashier you will find an eclectic menu. You can order sandwiches, wraps, paninis, bagels, yogurt with granola (fruit too), salads and various desserts. Aside from the signature items they also have specials like a Chicken Parmesan sandwich, Tuna Melt and even French toast! If you are working on your #summerbody they even have Tossy Jungle Juice; juice that you can customize. You can choose from carrot, apple, celery, beets and more. IMG_2241

I did say that I would get back to the coffee, so here goes! Although it is scorching outside in Sunnyside in July some hot beverages on their menu are the americano, latte, espresso, moccachino, cappuccino, and tea. Some of the tea flavors are chai, chamomile, peppermint, horchata, hierba luisa and even apple cinnamon (bring it fall!). If you are one of those people who love iced coffee all year long, you’re in luck. They have cold brew. Not only to they have iced caffeinated beverages, but they have frozen lemonade and iced tea as well.

Besides the eats & beverages I’d like to highlight the ambiance. There is light music playing on their stereo with the subtle sound of the coffee machines doing their job. As I sit here I see hard working individuals- young & old working away on their laptops (LOTS of outlets), or studying copious amount of notes. I notice a couple that seems like they are on a first date (hi guys!), and then I see families rekindling after a long day rewarding their children with some gelato.

If you wanted to just come in without something to do, don’t worry they have a section of books to choose from that you can grab during your stay, and if anything you can just watch the friendly staff prepare your next delight! Be sure to take some of their coffee home, like their Colombian Coffee Tossy, El Salvador Peaberry, and even Costa Rican coffee.

Monday, out!


P.s. Check the following links below if you want to know/have more of Coffee Tossy!




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