The Lowery’s Sunnyside Mural

Have you ever walked around Queens and seen murals on various sides of buildings? If you take a close look you might find a few. One that always stands out to me is the mural that the Lowery Bar and Kitchen has on the side of their business. I was lucky enough to speak to the co-owner, Anne Muldoon, who put this mural together with the thought of the Sunnyside community in mind! Read below to see how Anne and the Sunnyside community came together to create this brilliant mural.


“We were trying to decide what we should put on the wall on 43rd and I didn’t want it to be our name because I thought that would be too much. Since I live in the area I would walk by P.S. 150 everyday on my way to work. I saw the school children leaving school with all these drawings, and I thought “this is it”! So I reached out to Anne Cunningham Wine, the chair of the art department at P.S. 150, who is fantastic. She ran a competition with all of her art students. She then picked out the top ten, which was really tough. Together, we narrowed it down to one. The winner was Arpad Tomity, age 12! We worked with a local Sunnyside artist, Simon Robinson, to put the mural on the wall. I really wanted to show how we wanted to focus on the Sunnyside community when building our business.”

Thank you Anne for sharing this story with the Sunnyside community and providing us a colorful mural to walk by everyday. Make sure you stop into the Lowery Bar and Kitchen when you go to see this mural! 

The Lowery Bar and Kitchen is located on 43-02 43rd Ave
Sunnyside Queens





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