Bar + Kitchen = The Lowery

Are you looking for a neighborhood spot in Sunnyside to call your own? Well I can assure you the Lowery Bar and Kitchen is the spot you have been looking for! I have been here on several occasions, whether it be for the bar or kitchen, but I always end up enjoying both. The Lowery Bar and Kitchen can be your go-to spot, whether you are in need of a happy hour, have friends in town, or you want a nice meal with your family. You will find it all when you walk through the door, but you all will feel the same feeling when you enter: home. I got the chance to chat with the co-owner, Anne Muldoon, to get all of the details on why she chose the neighborhood of Sunnyside, and what she hopes that she could give back to the community. From what I see, all of it is being achieved!

My Sunnyside Life: Why did you want to open the Lowery?


My Sunnyside Life: Why did you want to open the Lowery?

Anne Muldoon: Well, after many years of working in the industry and moving back to Sunnyside I felt like the neighborhood needed something like this. I looked at the market, and I wanted to open up the Lowery. Myself and my business partners were all neighborhood people and we wanted to create a beautiful corner spot that is open to everyone, from date nights to family outings. I wanted this spot to make it real. I love Sunnyside, the neighborhood, and the people in it. I wanted to open up something that reflected that.

MSL: When did you open the Lowery?

AM: We opened up the Lowery of June, 2016.


MSL: How did the Lowery get its name? 

AM: We had a number of names floating around. The 40th Street- Lowery station is our closest subway station. Also, my friend’s grandmother would always say to me, “Are you still living in the Lowery”? And I would say, “No I am living in Sunnyside”. She would respond, “No, that area is called the Lowery!” So when that name came along it was perfect. We also wanted it to be the Lowery Bar and Kitchen to show that we are a bar with great food.

MSL: What does the Lowery specialize in?

AM: Great food, great ambiance, speciality cocktails, craft beer, and friendly service! We welcome everybody.
MSL: What did you hope to achieve when you opened up the Lowery?

AM: I just really wanted a great neighborhood spot. I wanted to be a local standard in the neighborhood. We became that really quickly and I am very happy with that. This neighborhood has been great and the people opened up their arms from day one, getting to know each other, supporting and helping us. That has been great.


MSL: Why did you choose Sunnyside to open up your restaurant?

AM: Myself, and my business partners live in Sunnyside. We believe in the neighborhood.

MSL: What is your favorite part about Sunnyside?

AM: There are lots of parts. I love the people and that it is a real neighborhood. New Yorkers get a bad rap, but you walk down the streets in Sunnyside and you see people saying “Hey, good to see you”! It is also beautiful. There are great parks like Sunnyside Gardens which is a beautiful place for families. Not to mention, it’s a great commute to the city. Sometimes our 7 train lets us down, but for the most part it is quick! 

MSL: How has the Lowery been received in the community?

AM: The community has opened up to us. At the start, it was hard to get opened and as a new business we had to iron out our creases, but I love that the neighborhood came out and spread the word to their neighbors and friends. I am thankful for that!
MSL: What types of events does the Lowery host?IMG_2219

AM: We host a lot of events! We’ve had weddings, baby showers, engagement parties, and birthday parties. We also do corporate events for local businesses which has been great. The Lowery just got the NFL package again for the football season. We aren’t a sports bar, but we always have sports on television here. We are open to new suggestions for our events. For example, there is a Christmas in July pub crawl happening soon, and the organizer called me to ask if they could make the Lowery one of their stops! Of course, we were in.



MSL: What do you hope the Lowery does for the neighborhood of Sunnyside?


AM: I hope it brings everyone together. Simple things. This is what the neighborhood local bar should be. It is about bringing people together and being a safe spot for people to be in. We have people who sit at the communal high top tables and will ask, “Do you live in my building?” and the next thing you know five hours later they are becoming good friends. We love to see that. We see people who have met here on their first date, and a year later they’re still going strong.  Even simple things like seeing a pregnant woman come in and then months later seeing her with her baby makes us so happy. That is what the Lowery is becoming and it is what we want to see continue, a real neighborhood spot!
MSL: In what way have you seen the neighborhood changing since you have been a part of the community?

AM: I have seen a lot of new faces being that I am a business owner and on site, I see a lot of people who just moved to the area. I see a lot of young professionals. Queens still gets a bad rap, and I believe we are showing that we are getting better. I am very proud to be Irish, and there are a lot of Irish places. I do see those places changing their menus to healthier options instead of the staples of shepard’s pie, burger or chicken fingers. Everyone is offering a lot more which is great to see.

Quick Fire:

MSL: Your signature cocktail:

AM: Tough question, and seasonally it can change. Right now, I am absolutely loving our Tequila Mockingbird. It has Alto’s Tequila, grapefruit, and aperol. It is crisp and refreshing. It comes with a basil leaf on top, so that you smell the basil when you take a sip and it gives you a hint of that taste.

MSL: Most mouth watering meal on the menu:

AM: Our burger. Hands down. Our chef Brendan does something great with that burger that he won’t tell us. We also use really great meat. We source our meat from Pat LaFrieda Meats. All of these products are freshly delivered everyday and that goes along way.

MSL: Best Dessert on the menu:

AM: The flourless chocolate cake.

MSL: Skillman, Queens Blvd., or Greenpoint Ave.?

AM: Skillman!

MSL: One word to describe Sunnyside? 

AM: Neighborhood!


Thank you to Anne Muldoon for chatting with us!

Be sure to go and visit the Lowery Bar and Kitchen this weekend!

43-02 43RD Ave. Sunnyside, NY, 11104



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