Monday Brew Series


Have you ever wanted to feel transported to another place, even if just for an hour? If one of those places is Paris, than look no further than the Paris Baguette. Paris Baguette is a Parisian experience from the minute you enter till you finish up your pastry. This spacious bakery and cafe will leave you satisfied and thinking about the next time you can have an almond raspberry croissant (my personal favorite)!


Upon entering Paris Baguette for coffee and breakfast this weekend I was not sure what to expect. I heard it had great pastries, but I did not know how many choices they would have! I was amazed by the fresh selection they had to offer, and how freely I was able to pick out my delicacies.  You are given a serving tray, tongs and wax paper to choose your items.  IMG_2294

My eyes wandered from fruit pastries, various types of croissants, muffins, donuts (croissant donuts too), apple pie, sweet potato pastry and chocochip pastry- just to name a few! Aside from the pastries they also had sweet smelling fresh bread! Not only did they have a plain Baguette, but there are different flavors like garlic and garlic cheese (yum)! If you are looking for speciality breads they have you covered as well! The flavors are NOT limited to peanut crumb, green pea, sausage, whole red bean, choux cream, and japchae croquettes. I could keep the list going, but I am getting a little hungry…

Now, if you don’t have a sweet tooth there are still a variety of items that you can indulge in. There are smoothie bowls (new to the menu) eggs, french toast, and soups that are served in none other than a sourdough soup bowl! Paris Baguette has a variety of hot and cold sandwiches such as tuna, chicken salad, ham & cheese, prosciutto & fresh mozzarella and Bahn Mi!

Image courtesy of
Oops, almost forgot that this is a Monday Brew Series Post! Let me report on the coffee and beverages you can enjoy here! The main reason for my visit was an iced latte, and the food was just an added bonus! One of the great things about Paris Baguette is that they have a direct relationship with with the farmers of their coffee beans. They have transparency from fresh bean to cup, which creates a Handshake Coffee relationship. Using this method, Paris Baguette makes lattes(many different flavors like green tea, chai and honey), mocha’s (chocolate and vanilla), cappuccinos, espressos- you name it! They are made with top machinery by their baristas wearing black and white striped shirts, once again relating to the Parisian vibe. If coffee does not appeal to you, they of course have different types of beverages like smoothies, frappes, mojitos (virgin), peach iced tea, hot tea and hot chocolate.

Image courtesy of @parisbaguette_usa
Lucky for us it’s summer time in Sunnyside and Paris Baguette created a new tropical menu! It features a grape tart, Wild Berry Cooler, Holy Shrimp & Curry up sandwiches and Mango Coconut Mousse Cake. Talk about refreshing!

Check out Paris Baguette and make your Monday sweeter, or if you have an event coming up check out their cakes to feed your guests!

Paris Baguette

45-22 46th St

Sunnyside, NY 11104

(718) 706-0404

Brew Series Tip: You can get a free small coffee when you check-in at Paris Baguette on YELP!




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