Work it Wednesday

You’ve made it. It’s Wednesday which means it is either time to treat yourself to a hump day drink or to work it out to release some tension that you might be facing to get you through the rest of your work week. There are many places to work out in the surrounding area of Sunnyside, but this place has the most variation depending on what suits your needs!IMG_2345

Yes, I am speaking of New York Sports Club! I know many people have fears of working out at a gym, and being judged by those around you but this New York Sports Club does not give you that feeling. People stick to themselves, get through their workouts and they are out the door. If you want your gym experience to feel more like a community, then head to one of their many classes which will surely give you that community feel. Not only will the classes make you feel that way but the front desk staff will also. I’m always met with a friendly face!

Now, since it is a gym you need some sort of membership to walk through the door. Luckily, this NYSC won’t break the bank. For single club access (meaning you can only work out at NYSC Sunnyside) it is only $29.99. This is a month to month membership, so if you are over working out at the club you can cancel the next month. For those of you Sunnysiders who work outside the community, or like to try out different places you can opt to get the Passport membership which is $89.99 (month-to-month) or you can pay $79.99 a month for a 1-year commitment. Another major difference between these two memberships is how you can sign up for classes. If you have single club access, you can only sign up for the classes 12 hours in advance. For passport holders, they can sign up a week in advance. Now, if you have a type A personality and need to plan things a week in advance, then Passport is for you. But if you want my honest opinion at this club you do not have to sign up a week in advance for most classes. Do not use this advice if you are looking to join NYSC Astoria because that’s a whole different ballgame. Lucky for us, Sunnyside seems to be a bit calmer when it comes to reserving spots in classes. Either way, having a membership allows you access to locker rooms which includes lockers (obviously), bathrooms, showers and most importantly a sauna.

My review of the sauna for the females, it is clean and never crowded. It is great after a workout to release tension in your muscles and give yourself a nice stretch! I cannot speak for the male counterpoint. Aside from the locker room, you receive access to all the training equipment, member guest privileges, free personal training assessment and a UXF demo! If you want to see more of the membership policies, click here:


Since we are speaking of classes, I’ll continue on that path! Every day they have a variety of classes to keep up with your personal fitness goals. If your goals are stability, strength, endurance, flexibility or even regeneration NYSC will have a class to fit this need. Some classes include Cardio Sculpt, UXF (similar to circuit training), Yoga, mat Pilates, PiYo(pilates and yoga fusion), Zumba, Boot Camp, Total Body Conditioning, and Burn (trust me, you feel the burn in this class). Check the schedule here: and be sure to make sure you are looking at the Sunnyside club. You can even download the NYSC app to check the schedule! 



Wednesday’s schedule at NYSC!




Classroom free to use!


The best part is, when the classroom is not being used, it is free for you to work out there on your own! Throw some headphones in, grab the equipment and work out in a free space! Some of the equipment includes steps, risers, free weights, stability balls, punching bags, and bars. If you are a Tone it Up fan like me I love to put on one of their videos when that space is free (and if you aren’t, you should become one


If you are not a class person, don’t worry there is various weight training equipment for you to use. It is relatively crowded after work, I would say the hours between 5-8, but that is any gym in NYC! Find your equipment, do your set and move on. I find the same with the cardio machinery. They have everything from rowers, treadmills, ellipticals (various versions), bikes and stair-masters (only 3 of those so you might have to wait). Some of the cardio machines have televisions if they work that’s a plus, just make sure to always have your headphones & music (don’t worry they have Wifi)! Even though it gets somewhat crowded I have never had a problem getting any equipment. You might have to alter your workout routine to what is available, but hey, that’s life.

Aside from classes and working out individually, they do have personal trainers. I have not had experience with their personal training, but from what I observe, the personal trainers seem attentive and work closely with their clients. The trainers will work with clients that have a different variety of goals such as health, functional training, rehabilitation, pre & post natal and even sport-specific training. The pricing varies from a month package, and a single session. If this interests you, click here to find pricing!



Personally, I love the NYSC app because it tracks your fitness goals. You can set your check in total and it will track when you enter the gym. From the app, you can reserve your spot in class (and even cancel). Important about canceling, you MUST cancel an hour before your class. If you don’t they charge you $5.00. For me, it ensures that I get to class!





I hope this review inspires you to work out today and check out NYSC Sunnyside! 

PS: If you are brave, tag a picture with the hashtag #NYSCmademedoit


39-01 Queens Blvd
Sunnyside, NY 11104 



Mon-Thu 6:00 AM 11:00 PM
Fri 6:00 AM 10:00 PM
Sat 8:00 AM 7:00 PM
Sun 8:00 AM 7:00 PM




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