Queens Park Yoga

This blog post is featuring one of the reasons why I love Sunnyside. It is a place in which its residents want to see their neighborhood to grow into a community. Queens Park Yoga does just that. Read below to find out more about what they do, believe and hope to achieve!


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Picture courtesy of @Queensparkyoga


My Sunnyside Life: What inspired you to create Queen’s Park Yoga?

Queens Park Yoga:  Inspired by a desire to do more yoga with more people and to make available to the community, the same benefits that we were receiving from practicing Yoga at the LIC YMCA.

MSL: How did you go about starting Queen’s Park Yoga?

QPY: Two of us were talking when a third walked up. Two of us had never met but we all quickly agreed that trying a free 6 am group yoga practice in one of our local parks would be worthwhile.  I believe that was a Tuesday and the three of us met in Lou Lodati Park that Thursday morning and QueensParkYoga was started.

MSL: Why did you decide to begin your journey in Sunnyside?

QPY: Many of the same people practiced yoga together week after week and year after year at LIC Y but most never got to know each other. This changed when a new Yoga Instructor @castrosai joined the staff bringing a teaching style that made many of us start to feel as if we were part of a yoga community. We wanted all of Sunnyside to have this kind of supportive space to cultivate more flexibility, focus and balance in their lives.

MSL: Why should Queens residents incorporate yoga in their lives?

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Picture courtesy of @Queensparkyoga

QPY: So their cartilage and joints don’t breakdown, so their spines stay healthy and flexible, so blood flows to all the right places and their brains keep working and they can live all their years with vitality and dignity and maybe avoid needing walkers and medications and nursing homes. And other good stuff like that!

MSL: What do you hope to accomplish in creating Queen’s Park Yoga?

QPY: @queensparkyoga is an evolving entity with rapidly changing ambitions. Right now we are trying to create several weekly Free Group Yoga Practices in parks and other smart places to gather. All are lead by experienced teachers who donate their time because they believe in the value of sharing yoga. We have a Monday Morning Practice @brooksidemarketnyc and a Thursday Practice in Lou Lodati Park and we will add more days and locations as we grow. Simultaneously we are exploring ways to unite the local yoga-interested community thru Instagram @queensparkyoga so we can find each other for free yoga but also so we can inspire and be inspired and experience some of the cool stuff through our smart phones that we usually only feel at “yoga class.”

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Picture courtesy of @Queensparkyoga

MSL: Where can Sunnyside residents find Queen’s Park Yoga?

QPY: @queensparkyoga on Instagram, Brookside Market Mondays 8:30-9:15 and in the park on Skillman and 43rd Street Thursday mornings 6am-6:40. Come late/leave early, but please come.




Quick Fire!

MSL: Savasana or Pigeon pose?

QPY: Vinyasa, please

MSL: Best yoga mat?

QPY: Dirtier than Luisa’s mat.

MSL: Favorite yoga wear:

QPY: Tee shirt and shorts with no zipper pocket in the back.

MSL: Skillman, Queens BLVD, or Greenpoint Ave?


MSL: One word to describe Sunnyside:

QPY: Seven 

A big thank you to Queens Park Yoga for connecting with me. Please follow them on Instagram @queensparkyoga and head to their yoga practices! Brookside Market Mondays 8:30-9:15 and in the park on Skillman and 43rd Street Thursday mornings 6am-6:40.

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